Who is minupakk.ee for?
Minupakk.ee is primarily meant for contemporary, busy people who like to do their shopping online.
If at least one of the statements below rings true for you, minupakk.ee is definitely for you:

  • I have no idea where I will be or what I will be doing when the courier comes with the parcel...
  • Should I order the parcel to be delivered at home or at the office?
  • What day is my parcel due?
  • At what time is the courier coming with the parcel?
  • What if I'm not home when the courier comes?
  • What will happen if I order the parcel to be delivered at the office, but I have planned to work from the home office on that day?
  • What will happen to my parcel if I happen to be on holiday on the day of the delivery, or out of town?


What are the specific solutions that minupakk.ee is offering me?

Minupakk.ee is DPD's innovative web-based solution created because you as our customer would like to receive your parcel at a time and place that is convenient for you, even if your initial preferences change.

  • If the parcel is already on its way towards you and you have received a notification saying that the courier will arrive today, e.g. between 13:00 and 14:00, you can take a look at the map and see how many stops the courier still has left before reaching you.
  • Should the delivery location that you requested initially become inconvenient, you can reroute the delivery to another address or to a Pickup parcel locker/parcelshop.
  • If the set delivery time becomes inconvenient, you can change it easily.
  • Or, if you have changed your mind about receiving the parcel at all, you can refuse it even before the courier reaches you.
  • In addition to the above, minupakk.ee will also provide information about the sender and recipient data and the delivery time of the parcel.




How can I log in to minupakk.ee?
There are 3 ways to log in to the minupakk.ee environment:

  • With the direct link sent to you with the delivery notification SMS or email.
  • Using the parcel number and SMS code - enter them on the home page of www.minupakk.ee. You will also get the unique code by SMS or email on the morning of the delivery day at the latest.
  • Using your postcode and the number of the parcel notification - enter them on the home page of www.minupakk.ee.

Why can't I log in?

  • A separate direct link for logging in and an SMS code are generated for each parcel. Make sure that the data you enter is related to the parcel that you want to review and edit.
  • Login will work for up to 3 days after the delivery. Make sure this time has not passed.




What is the latest time for me to make changes in my delivery?
All changes can be made until the parcel has reached you.

How many changes can I make?
You can make up to 2 changes per parcel.




I will not be able to receive the parcel in the next couple of days. For how many days can I postpone the delivery?
You can postpone the delivery for up to 7 calendar days. After that, the parcel will be returned to the sender.

Can I select a specific time period for receiving the parcel?
Whether you will be able to postpone the delivery to a specific time period depends on the region. You will see the specific options available to your selected region under the date changing options. If there is no suitable time period available, we recommend routing the delivery to a Pickup parcel locker/parcelshop. You can get the parcel from there at a time that suits you, within the opening times of the Pickup point.




If I am not able to receive the parcel at the location determined initially, where can I reroute it to?
You can reroute the parcel to any address within state borders where DPD's courier service is available, or a suitable Pickup parcel locker/parcelshop in Estonia.

If I reroute the parcel, when will it be delivered?
When you change the delivery location, please keep in mind that the parcel will probably reach you on the next workday, as the new location may not be on the delivery route of the initial courier.




What is a Pickup point?
Pickup points (parcel lockers and parcelshops) are the parcel delivery and reception points of DPD. This service is perfect for everyone who receives packages now and then or likes to do their shopping online. There are more than 100 Pickup points in Estonia and more than 300 in the Baltic States together.

How will I know if my parcel has been delivered to the Pickup parcel locker/parcelshop?
Your parcel will reach the Pickup point on the next workday at the latest after its rerouting. When the parcel reaches the Pickup point, you will receive a notification by SMS or email.

How will I get my parcel from the Pickup point?
Once the parcel has reached a Pickup point, you will receive a notification by SMS or e-mail. You will receive two PIN codes to receive the parcel from a parcel locker and one PIN code to receive it from a parcelshop. The parcel can be accessed with the proper PIN code. It is possible to receive the parcel from a parcelshop on the basis of a valid identity document.

Cash on delivery parcels can only be paid for in cash in Pickup parcelshops and by bank card at Pickup parcel locker.

How long will a Pickup point keep my parcels?
A parcel will be kept in a Pickup point for up to 7 calendar days. If you have not picked up your delivery, you will get a reminder on the 3rd day and, when the 7 days have expired, your parcel will be returned to the sender.

Why don't I see the option of rerouting my parcel to a Pickup parcel locker/parcelshop?
The option of rerouting a parcel to a Pickup parcel locker/parcelshop is not available if the parcel is not suitable for a Pickup point.
Maximum measurements of a parcel eligible for delivery in a Pickup parcel locker/parcelshop:






8,5 cm

19 cm

60 cm


8,5 cm

40 cm

60 cm


18 cm

40 cm

60 cm


37 cm

40 cm

60 cm



Can I refuge a parcel even before the courier has reached me?
Yes, you can. Select the reason for refusal from the drop-down menu and confirm your wish. We will take it into account immediately and return the parcel to sender without delivering it to you.


If you did not find an answer to your question or would like to give us feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Your feedback is important for us!